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Jacksonville Florida Roofing

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Will they get a flier [a ball that goes further than expected because too much grass gets between the clubface and the ball]?"  Weather patterns in March in North Florida are much more unpredictable than May.  "You can have all four season in one week in March," said Players general chairman Damon Olinto.  There were five Monday finishes to The Players in March, three between 2000-2005. There have been four weather suspensions in May but no Monday finishes.  Storm events in March have a tendency to last longer than in May and have colder, windier weather when they clear through, but Plotts said he has an advantage that former superintendent Fred Klauk didn't have before The Players moved to May: a golf course that drains better, with more ability to control the moisture through modern irrigation systems.  "We've caught a lot of rain here in March and bounced right back into play," Plotts said. "Rain events in March won't necessarily have any more of an effect on play than in May."  When the course was renovated in 2006, nearly a foot of soil was replaced by sand. The old soil had mixed in with organic material for more than 25 years, leaving what Dye called "muck" between the surface and the grass. That required longer periods of time to drain.  The greens also have a "Precision Air" system built underground that suck moisture from the top and drains it in one of the retention ponds in the area.  "We won't lose a whole day of golf because it rained for 90 minutes," Plotts said.  But with the inevitable storm fronts in March will come a different wind than May. There will be more North and Northeast wind, which will make the closing holes at Nos. 16, 17 and 18 more difficult.  With few exceptions (2008 springs to mind) wind hasn't been nearly the factor in May at The Players as it was in March. But Dye was given a piece of land by former commissioner Deane Beman to design a golf course with Florida wind in March in mind, and the Stadium Course may become more adventuresome, to say the least.  "The wind will be a much bigger factor in March," said Jerry Pate, who won the first Players at the Stadium Course in 1982. "It will be diabolical again."  When the final putt drops on Sunday, the PGA Tour, the TPC Sawgrass and The Players staff and volunteer force will have 301 days to get ready for the next Players week, beginning on March 11, 2019.  Olinto said the volunteer leadership has already committed for 2019 and there have been meetings since March on aspects of the 2019 tournament only.  "We're not going to have a turnover problem where we have to figure out what roles people will be in," Olinto said. "They're already in place."  Planning meetings that began in July for a May tournament will begin almost as soon as this year's event is over. Some tournament structures might be left intact but those decisions haven't yet been made.  A volunteer force that has helped run the tournament since 1977 is expected to transition back to March with few glitches. "These volunteers always come through," Olinto said.

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Jacksonville Florida Roofing

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